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Drink well, live well

Greek Whisky Association

The Greek Whisky Association (GWA) was a great dream of a group of friends that’s just coming to fruition. Our dream and aim is to bring together through various activities (seminars, tastings, visits to distilleries etc) all the whisk(e)y fans in Greece that want to explore and discover more of the magical world of whiskies and make new friends. For us whisk(e)y is a great pleasure, an instant journey in a Glencairn that invites you to travel the path of experiences and memorable moments. The only requirement is a healthy attitude and respect, for the spirit, for the law and for your fellow human…

The Greek Whisky Association is an non profit organisation in aim of bringing together people that share our passion and love for the king of spirits. Our vision is the creation of an organisation that in due time will be able to put Greece squarely on the map of world whisk(e)y lovers through the creation of a series of Single Cask bottlings and other events.

Lastly we would like to remind all our friends and visitors our principle values: We consume alcohol responsibly and with respect to the law and our fellow human. Alcohol and driving NEVER together and this group, it’s page and all its content is aimed solely for the pleasure of adults of the legal age of alcohol consumption in their country of residence

Drink well, live well
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